Science Experiment

So I’m trying something different in this batch. want to mix an IPA with a gose. I’m not really into being trendy (in most things), but it’s a german beer so why not try it. I’m planning on doing a sour mash which will likely result in me spilling some foul smelling rancid sauce in the house. Coriander and sea salt with some late hops will hopefully give a hint to the style.

UPDATE: I almost blew up the mason jar I was sour mashing in. I had no idea my small space heater would put out 200 degree air. Killed all my lacto… Guess I’ll be trying this with the addition of a clean lactobacillus culture…

UPDATE 2: This appears to be working. It’s definitely not the most overpowering beer. But I think I have had some success in mashing these two styles together. We’ll see what the public thinks.

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