There exists a folklore…

A yarn spun by generations of farmers, passing down secrets to each generation. Each son gleaning valuable information and experience from his father and his father’s father.

This is not that story. Not even close.

Beer Farm began in 2010 with a decision to try homebrewing while eating some barbecue. There was no discussion with the missus. No prior experience. Just the desire to mix science and cooking together with design and make friends with an organism that poops alcohol.

What started as an interest grew into a minor obsession (depending on who you talk to). Beer Farm is about enjoying some well-crafted beers with family and friends. Or sometimes alone. Not in a weird way.

It’s probably easier to buy it.
– Jim Head Brewer
  • Think

    First, we think about the beer we want to make. This is important, because if we don't know what to make then how are we going to make it?

  • Acquire

    Once we know what to make, we get the stuff that goes into it. Grain, hops, water, and yeast are a good start. There's more stuff, too. And love, but we don't buy that because according to a song that is not available for purchase.

  • Make

    Now we actually make the beer. This is the complicated part. It's like making soup. Ok, that sounds less complicated. But there's a lot of math and science and experience that gets it right.

  • Wait

    Beer takes time to develop. Our little yeast friends need some quality time to eat and form intimate relationships. This takes anywhere from a few weeks to 18 months.

  • Drink

    This is the best part. All the work is done and it's time to enjoy the harvest. Just don't drive the tractor immediately.

Contact Beer Farm

We should chat. Maybe over a beer sometime. But, for now, over the internet will have to do for now.

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